X-Sight Sport 2RX Shooting Glasses SP-FIELD (5 Lens Set)


Lens Colours (scroll down for further information on each colour):

  • HD Brown
    (Conditions: Bright light) (Primary use: Light optimisation + contrast boost) (Contrast Level – High boost)
  • Light Brown
    (Conditions: Medium-light) (Primary use: Light optimisation) (Contrast Level – Low boost)
  • Light Yellow
    (Conditions: Low light) (Primary use: Light optimisation) (Contrast Level – Low boost)
  • Light Purple
    (Conditions: Medium-light) (Primary use: Neutralise backdrops + contrast boost) (Contrast Level – Medium boost)
  • Clear
    (Conditions: Low Light) (Primary use: Eye protection) (Contrast Level – Zero boost)

Ideal For:

  • Light management & eye protection with minimal contrast enhancement.
  • Shooters who engage in hunting, game & simulated shooting.
  • Occasional clay shooters.
  • Shooting driven targets/birds into the direct sun (HD Brown).
  • Early morning, poor weather, low light.

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