Ground Rules

Clay Shooting is an extremely fun and addictive sport but there are some safety guidelines and rules to be followed at our shooting ground.

Competition Fixtures

  • Eye and Ear protection must be warn at all times. Head protection such as a cap is also recommended.
  • No shooting must take place outside of designated shooting positions/cages/stands.
  • No larger shot than a size 6 or 28 grams must be used.
  • No steel shot is allowed to be used at the ground.
  • In case of Danger or Emergency an Air Horn will be sounded.¬†On the sounding of an Air Horn by any official, referee, trapper, or contestant on the ground, all shooters will cease shooting immediately and unload.¬†Shooting will not recommence until the Safety Officer gives the all clear.
  • Guns must be kept in their slips/cases whilst walking along the track to the ground (Between the booking in office and car park).
  • Old Glossop Clay Shooting Ground is affiliated to the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association and holds the membership status of: C990 REGISTERED.

All our Registered Competition fixtures follow CPSA rules and regulations and these can be viewed here.

Clay Shooting Experiences/Corporate Tuitions

  • The Instructors safety advice and judgement is paramount and must be followed at all times
  • No one found to be under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs will be permitted to shoot in any circumstances.
  • Anyone restricted under Section 21 of The Firearms Act 1968 shall not be allowed possession of a Firearms at any time. Any person who falls under this restriction must declare it with us beforehand in all circumstances.