Ground Rules

Clay Shooting is an extremely fun and addictive sport but there are some safety guidelines and rules to be followed at our shooting ground.

Competition Fixtures

  • Eye and Ear protection must be warn at all times. Head protection such as a cap is also recommended.
  • No shooting must take place outside of designated shooting positions/cages/stands.
  • No larger shot than a size 6 or 28 grams must be used.
  • No steel shot is allowed to be used at the ground.
  • In case of Danger or Emergency an Air Horn will be sounded. On the sounding of an Air Horn by any official, referee, trapper, or contestant on the ground, all shooters will cease shooting immediately and unload. Shooting will not recommence until the Safety Officer gives the all clear.
  • Guns must be kept in their slips/cases whilst walking along the track to the ground (Between the booking in office and car park).
  • Old Glossop Clay Shooting Ground is affiliated to the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association and holds the membership status of: C990 REGISTERED.

All our Registered Competition fixtures follow CPSA rules and regulations and these can be viewed here.

Clay Shooting Experiences/Corporate Tuitions

  • The Instructors safety advice and judgement is paramount and must be followed at all times
  • No one found to be under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs will be permitted to shoot in any circumstances.
  • Anyone restricted under Section 21 of The Firearms Act 1968 shall not be allowed possession of a Firearms at any time. Any person who falls under this restriction must declare it with us beforehand in all circumstances.